Premier COMP Medical Group

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Occupational Medicine:

Premier COMP Medical Group 2001-present

NUMMI 2001

Sutter Tracy Occupational Health 1999 - 2001

Occupational Medicine Associates 1999

Meridian Occupational Healthcare Associates, Inc. 1996-1998

Camino Medical Group Member 1991-1996

San Jose Medical Group Member 1978-1991

Internal Medicine:
Private Practice, General Internal Medicine


Board Certified Internal Medicine September 1978

Board Certified Occupational Medicine January 1997

Qualified Medical Examiner in Internal Medicine (State of California) 1993 - present

Medical Review Officer (Medical Review Officer Certification Council)
United States Civil Surgeon
1995 - present

Internship and Residency:

Straight Medical Internship and Residency
University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics

Medical School:

Stanford University School of Medicine 1969-1975

Additional Training:

Research Fellow
Medical Scientist Program
Stanford University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S. Chemistry


Medical Director, Comprehensive Occupational Medical Associates 1996 to 1998

Medical Director, Advanced Cardiovascular Systems 1995 to 1996

Northern California Consensus Panel for Treating Guidelines for Industrial Back Injuries
(California Industrial Medical Council)

Santa Clara County HazMat Committee 1992 -1994

Consultant, Sunnyvale Fire Department 1992 -1996, 1999

Plant Safety Officer, Camino Medical Group 1992 to 1995

Member, Camino Medical Group Plant
Safety Committee
1992 to 1996

Consultant, Pest Control Operators of California 1991 to 1996

Director, Camino Medical Group Cumulative
Trauma Clinic
1991 to 1996

Plant Physician, San Jose Hospital 1985-1991

Plant Physician, Owens-Corning Fiberglass 1979-1991

IBM Contract Physician 1979-1982

Occupational Medicine Provider,
San Jose Medical Group


Western Occupational Medicine Association
American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
International Society for Travel Medicine
Wilderness Medicine Association


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